Where we are

GBRI operates in Iringa and Njombe regions. (Southern Highlands of Tanzania). The diversification in the growing regions, ensures sustainable production throughout the year by taking advantage of the differences in weather patterns between the Iringa and Njombe.

GBRI has two packing facilities, one located in Iringa and the other one in Njombe. Fresh produces get to the packing house at shortest time possible for final processing with highly trained staffs in order to achieve 100% food safety compliance, high quality and Long shelf life.

About Farming

GBRI gets produce from its own farms located in Iringa Region and from contracted smallholder farmers (Out growers). We support farmers with technical trainings, extension services, input loans, handling equipment and transport services. With these support, we guarantee produce quality from smallholder farmers and compliance with International standards. (Global G.A.P and Food safety standards). Out growers program has helped the company to ensure consistence in supply.

For inquiries contact us through


Email: info@eatfresh.co.tz Tel: +255765669672